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Thin, green, grass-like blades that curl outward from a central stem. The delicate leaves are slim, finely textured, and may have a few, edible, soft, brown seeds still connected to the tips. Miami Microgreen Fennel is tender and succulent with a lemony, black licorice scent, and a mild, green flavor with sweet notes and a peppery-anise finish.

Miami Microgreen Fennel is used in similar ways to regularly sized fennel and is used fresh and whole without any additional preparation. Miami Microgreen Fennel leaves are best suited for raw applications, as the leaves will wilt if exposed to prolonged heat. Thus should b added at the very final stage of finishing a dish Miami Microgreen Fennel greens complement both savory and sweet dishes sometimes referred to as vegetable confetti it is ideal for placing in small piles on top of dishes such as seafood to add a hint of flavor, a fine texture, and a pleasing, fresh appearance. They can also be combined into dips and sauces, mixed into salads, placed in sandwiches, or sprinkled over pasta. Miami Microgreen Fennel pairs very well with Italian and Indian cuisine and with recipes that call for apples, beets, cheese, chicken, mussels, olive, orange, lime, radish, parsley, potatoes, thyme, tomatoes, and seafood.


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