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Welcome to TruOrganics!

A place for your body (mind & soul) to relax, re-nutrify & replenish​!


TRUorg isn't just an urban farm, that is part of the modern homesteading movement- we'd like to think it is a place for people, passionate about living their best, healthiest most wholesome life to explore, grow, and enrich one another while nourishing our planet.

TRUorg radiates with earth-conscious living, we bring together the circle of life-  originating with our biodynamic gardening of rare & exotic plants & medicinal herbs, to our indoor mushroom towers &  microgreen laboratory, to our varied self-sustaining aquaponics projects, our edible landscapes and rich, permaculture inspired, food forests! (many just a stone throw from our Miami city skyline).  There truly is nothing more gratifying than creating your own private Eden, an oasis of beautiful greenery to enhance your space, cleanse your sanctuary and nourish your spirit, add, to that cultivating your own food and being able to share it with our partners and friends What a BLESSING


always 100% chemical free & zero artificial additives - period.

Zero chemicals & synthetic additives- never animal tested, and always using regenerative production techniques- "Back to Basics", "Less is More" are just some of the common principles which we apply daily in our tiny urban oasis, and now our business model too.    



Find Balance & Purpose 

Consultations, restaurant Demos, 

Partners, schools, and institutions, reach out, LET'S grow TOGETHER!  

We thrive on alliances with like-minded groups, businesses, individuals, and media platforms. We believe in joining forces and collaborating invaluable partnerships all within a balanced well-defined capsule. Routinely you'll catch us talking to small groups, and/or performing demos, seminars, etc. 

We say we are "edu-tainers", after all, learning is that much more fun when it's entertaining right? If you are interested in booking us to talk to your group, or club, please reach out. Our rates are very reasonable and we love to barter.

If you are a *Homeowner, and would like a private phone or on-site consult, or if you are a company, group club, association, etc, who would like to organize a meet or demo ~

We'd like to hear from you!

homegrown & organic sourced!

TRUorg is and will always be faithful to the freshest, locally grown, *organic foods (seasonal always preferred) available; by such, we are doing our part to minimize the usage of many of our natural resources, especially our soil and water.  Amazing, how this simple, minimal change can have such a profound impact on our local, naturally grown food chain; which is a major participant in strengthing our local economy, aiding in a healthier public, and synergistically connecting communities to break the cycle of unhealthy, and environmentally damaging foods.

Responsible, passive, and sustainable techniques are hugely important to us. It's the core to TruOrgWE ARE NOT *CERTIFIED ORGANIC, we'd like to think we are much more stringent.  We generate most of our produce and goods "in-house" those that are not, are outsourced, and referenced we have always felt this transparency is important as consumers and so carry it forward as purveyors, too. 

In other words, whenever we source out or recommend produce, goods, or services they must adhere to our same principles, values, and ethics. 

Be part of our tribe-
join our workshops and adventures sign up today, and stay looped in!

Whether it's about growing or processing what we grow, or our diverse and fun DIY projects and workshops as well as our assorted outdoors adventure...there truly is something for everyone-so don't be shy, sign up, chime in your requests, participate, volunteer, be part of our journey!

If you are a student intern or on a gap year (on-site housing is available at our micro urban farm location), or volunteer contact us, The TRUorg community also keeps up a pretty good repartee on various social media platforms-especially Facebook & Instagram - duh!

sustainable living, minimal carbon footprint

Sustainable Living takes into account how and what we eat, how we socialize, use transportation, how we manage our energy-usage, waste disposal and so much more. Our immediate engagement is crucial to protecting our Gaia, whose resources we rely on daily; setting a path to a more favorable, sustainable future. A minimal carbon footprint assures whatever is being done has the least impact, the least waste, and is cyclical or can be repeated indefinitely without damage to our environment. Living sustainably, with minimal carbon footprint requires us to rethink processes and establish 

sustainable daily routines that fit our lifestyle. 



Starting from our humble garage grown microgreens "lab" and fungi rooms to a locally supported micro urban farm - we truly are graced to have the opportunity to be here for you!  Being able to grow so much in our tiny Miami urban farm oasis, in itself is a blessing, but add to that a bounty to share with our community - Indeed, we are grateful for your support! To all our Customers, Chefs & Partners, we say THANK YOU! We are always available to answer any 

questions & we are always open to 

any feedback on how we can serve you better! 

who we support & you should too!

 Meet our friends!!!  We have not only developed business relationships with our partners but lasting friendships as well!!!  Transitioning from consumers to purveyors has been an honest journey that still today continues to unfold, beautifully.  Our friends and partners not only align with our ethics, principles, and values, but they are our link from the past to the future and we owe much to the road of enlightenment provided by them-we are privileged to refer them to you and hope you pay it forward, especially in these challenging times - so without further ado....

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