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While TRUorg is not certified organic we use organic practices to grow all our food on our Tiny Miami Urban Farm. We use NOTHING synthetic- and only use organic pest control products when necessary. On our tiny Miami urban farm we work mostly by hand (and hand tools) and without the use of tractors or large machinery which contributes to a more sustainable way of growing food, and is much less stressful on our sacred soil.  We strongly believe in soil fertility ... it's the core to healthy, vibrant produce.  We nurture and ease along the natural process of soil biology because happy healthy soil grows mega-nutritious and flavor bursting food!  We use slow and deliberate ways to farm and grow our Microgreens and Fungi indoors; all our produce is picked at its peak and/or allowed to ripen on the plant, and our Microgreens and Fungi are processed minutes prior to delivery.  All our edible flowers and herbs are picked at daybreak when flavor content is most intense....with natures "dew-kiss" of approval.  Finally, all our ingredients for our upcoming HONEST HERBtm The ALCHEMISTAtm(bitters&simple syrups) are hand-picked, slowly dried, and gently processed to preserve every single drop of flavor! 


Fresh & Dried

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