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At TRUorg, we believe plants and their natural healing powers can change the energy, mood, and environment of any given space or individual.  They are also our link to a clean healthy, renewable food and medicine source. Plants are the basis for a healthier planet too - the only greenhouse gas that can easily be consumed from the atmosphere is carbon dioxide, either by stimulating nature to absorb more, and/or by building technology that facilitates this process. It's a no brainer, all other things being equal, having more plants growing, or having plants growing faster, will remove more CO2 from the environment. Plants are known to enhance the spirit of spaces bringing in positive energy and enhancing one's mood, and creating a feeling of overall wellness. Aside from our extensive collection, we build cross-sector collaborations with rare, exotic, and medicinal plant cultivators, nurseries, and collectors. Chances are if we don't have it - we can source it for you. We support sustainable, ecological growers, and small-scale nursery operations by networking and connecting directly from them to you!

live plants

Exotic, Medicinal & Rare, Cacti & Succulents

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