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If you don't see it here, ask us! We can custom grow it or source it out for you!

All our *Microgreens and Fungi are grown indoors; and picked at their peak, and then processed minutes prior to delivery to your eatery or packaged live (cut what you need and re-refrigerate).  Every Microgreen we grow is optimized with the correct grow medium mix for optimal flavor and freshness.  We do not use a generic type blend, that is why our Micro's are so intense in flavors and coloration and why chefs all around say our Microgreens aren't just a superfood but rather a SUPERDUPER food lol.  We surpass all sanitation/sterile guidelines set by DOH (our mushrooms require it and so do we), and all our seeds/spores are certified non-gmo and most are USDA certified organic and all screened for pathogens.  All our edible flowers and herbs are picked at daybreak (when flavor content is most intense) with natures "dew-kiss" of approval.  Finally, all our ingredients for our upcoming HONEST HERB
 and THE ALCHEMISTA (bitters&simple syrups) lines are hand-picked, slowly dried, and gently processed to preserve every single drop of flavor- You should've deciphered by now FLAVOR is real important to us here at TRUorg.

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Fresh Microgreens, Mushrooms, Edible Flower & Custom Orders

Microgreens - Mushrooms - Edible Flowers

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