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We are passionate about aesthetics holistic living, natural healing, our ecology, & the longevity of our Gaia.  It is the inspiration behind our product line (and everything we do here at TRUorg), and everything that goes into them. Not just our ingredients-but the materials used in the entire creation process.  We are attentive about the labels, our designs, even the packaging used to send your products as we want this entire experience to be beautiful- singularly and in its entirety; reflecting our believes and principles as well. 


Nature's always had the answers ~ We just listened!Our TRUorg Line of products & remedies was conceived out of a deep appreciation for our earth and the living plants-that have been healing and nourishing our body, mind, and soul-since time! Our range of 100% natural botanically bio-active products were created to rejoice, soothe, replenish, nurture, defend, repair and made one micro-batch at a time,  meticulously handpicked at their peak for maximum photoactivity and bioavailability and later handcrafted using the mildest extraction methods, and using the least amount of preservatives thus ensuring every ingredient has a purpose and each delivers a natural fortified dose of botanical and mineral-based elements.


Whenever available our ingredients will always be Food-Grade. The vast majority of skincare ingredients are cosmetic-grade which means, they are of lesser quality and a much cheaper alternative to food-grade ingredients which must undergo very strict purity testing and adhere to much tougher quality standards. Most all of our products are created here on our Miami tiny Urban Farm using only the highest quality components. The products we outsource are bought from suppliers (local whenever possible) that source from organic growers and botanists, and ethically sourced wild foragers, distilleries,  and apothecaries and maintain the same, ethics, values, and principles as we at TRUorg do. 

All our natural ingredients are detergent (SLA/SLS/SLES), Paraben, Phthalate, and Petroleum free. Zero chemicals & synthetic additives- never animal tested, and always using regenerative production techniques- "Back to Basics" sums it up perfectly!  All our BodyCare line of products is pure & simple and pretty much made from scratch by us here.   

Body Care


Body Basic 7

Farm-to-Face. One for All - All for one!

It all started with our original line Body Basic 7-  The bare essential products we thought (and still do) every nomad should possess and sanctuary should have.  Our goal was to provide quality healthy organic alternatives to the commercially produced (mostly) artificial products available online and in retail stores throughout.  As our Tiny Urban Farm's Handmade Natural Product Line evolved to our BRO BREW and DIVINITY GLOW our fundamental values have never changed (nor has our OG BB7)- to push the boundaries of natural healing, through body, mind, and spirit- while making right with Mama earth! 


Bro Brew Line

Farm to Bro!

We use the freshest, premium bio-active ingredients, CO2 extracted and cold blended in proportions that will really make a difference to the health of your skin and hair!!! Loaded with antioxidants, rich, emollient, exotic oils, and photoactive extracts chosen for their proven ability to nourish and protect.  Our food-grade organic extracts, essential oils, and carrier seed oils are never diluted with inferior oils and are always sustainably sourced.  We never use artificial emulsifiers artificial feel enhancers, thickeners, colors, fragrances, or any nonsense ingredients of any kind.

Think of our formulas as food (literally) for your skin & hair, feel free to indulge, we brewed it just for you-Bro!


Goddess Glow

Farm to Divinity!

If our GODDESS GLOW's primary function was to work for its intended use, we would be selling our girls short!  Yes, beautiful results are foremost but that's a given! 

Our Divinity formulated GODDESS GLOW is meant to rekindle the lost art of "Rituals" and thus provoke mindful nurturing-of the most amazing piece of equipment we will ever own-OUR BODIES.  By transforming mundane daily "upkeep" tasks into deliberate rituals we are reconnecting with-ONENESS.  In this volatile world with ever-surging responsibilities, it’s easy to get yourself "lost" and disconnected, in fact, it's an unconscious defense mechanism, many of us are quick to engage.  By immersing into ONENESS you can awaken channels that both replenish and nourish.  As the cliche goes "Your body is your temple", and what better place for rituals than well, in YOUR temple!

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