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We also carry Dill Flowers in our edible flower section.

Slender, oval to lanceolate-shaped leaves with thin, wispy greens stems. The green leaves are smooth, delicate, and elongated with a feathery, light-weight appearance. Miami Microgreen Dill is aromatic with a faint grassy scent.

When consumed fresh, the leaves have a mild, citrsy, and herbal flavor with sweet-tangy notes of anise, celery, carrots, and cilantro The leaves are most commonly used over seafood dishes, potatoes, eggs, rice, poultry dishes, grain bowls, and creamed spinach. The greens can also be layered in sandwiches, tossed into salads, sprinkled over soups and stews, or blended into sauces. Additionally, they can be used as a fresh flavor to enhance pickled preparations and are topped over salt and vinegar cucumbers. It pairs well with peppers, cucumbers, celery, zucchini, fennel, corn, carrots, squash, tomatoes, red onions, olives, and feta. Miami Microgreen Dill in being used in recipes to elevate the dining experience. One of the major trends has been vegan seafood, and Miami Microgreen Dill is used as a fresh, edible garnish on vegan seafood dishes along with lemon juice and seaweed to create authentic, flavorful dishes. This flavor partnership is also creating a memorable dining experience using natural and sustainable ingredients.


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